Wholesale/Dropship/ Retail Chocolatiere ~ HOT ITEM!!! Make Choco

Wholesale/Dropship/ Retail Chocolatiere ~ HOT ITEM!!! Make Choco


Suitable for all master chocolatier and chocolate lovers alike.
Create beautiful and delicious chocolates and desserts.
Melt chocolate without hassle and mess.
Different reusable moulds to make different shaped chocolates.Comes with 12 delectable recipes.
Easy to use, clean, and store

Chocolatier Melting Pot
Drip Rack
6 molds (heart, bear, square, coffee bean, star, Christmas tree)
Large Heart-Shaped mold (fill with ice cream, fruit, etc.)
10 Wooden Chocolate Fondue Sticks
10 Plastic Fruit Dipping Forks
Spiral Fork (for truffle dipping)
Flat Chocolate making Fork
Recipe and Instruction

Website : http://malaysiaborong.blogspot.com/2014/01/wholesaledropship-retail-chocolatiere.html

Location : Selangor

Email to Mona Mona : 0196565733
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