We are Specialist in Wiring works and Maintenance

We are Specialist in Wiring works, Maintenance, Plumbing, Painting and Installation Air-cond for House, Office, Shop and companies. New installation cabling conceal, conduit, surface and casing. Ceiling fan installation, Electrical lighting installation and electric points. New or Second hand Air-cond installation and services for LOWER PRICE !. Electrical socket extension and other electrical works. Maintenance all department equipment electrical. Electrical socket extension and other electrical works. Troubleshoot old cabling neutral, life and earth broke, Main Db box 3 Phase or single phase, all lamp, switch, fan wall, ceiling and exhaust. We are your best painting company and proving quality painting services. Some of the services offered are interior and exterior painting or repainting, parquet grind and varnish, stonewash re-vanish and etc.
Willing to take or do electrical wiring subcontractor or on man-day basis for any Areas in KL, Subang, Shah Alam, Klang, PJ, Damansara and etc. We give lower price and good service.
Plz Contact Mr. Vicky (017-5937020) for appointment or quotation.

Location : Kuala Lumpur

Email to Mr.Vicky Mr.Vicky : 017-5937020
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