The human body is a great gift – a vehicle for us to conduct our daily lives. Without it being able to perform our daily duties, we would be literally paralysed as our world comes to a halt or slows down. If we do not care for our unique ‘vehicle’, no one will.

Our bodies, in a balanced state of mind, are naturally warm. However, in an imbalanced state of mind, heat build up is experienced in the form of burning, itchiness, pain, pimples, cysts, boils and weight gain. Both heat and healing essences from natural solutions and ancient techniques (healing touch) are applied to balance the four elements in your body – Earth, Water, Wind & Fire where anxiety, fear, insomnia, burning, itchiness, pain, pimples, cysts, boils, irritation, worry, temper, sadness, sorrow and etc produce negative energy causing an imbalance in our body in the form of excessive HEAT. These will be flushed away, bringing your physical and mental spirit to heavenly heights.

The respect for the uniqueness of each individual is the foundation of our HYDROTHERMAL therapy. Based on ancient rituals and proven techniques bundled with unconditional love, the treatment is designed to attend to the needs of body, mind and spirit.
Our unique ritual to cool the body is a delightful and relaxing 3 phase treatment which will leave you feeling cool, fresh and rejuvenated. It also shares a quick-fix way of tranquillity to return your mind and body to a state of serenity and deep relaxation. This method of cooling the body is born from a sincere understanding and passion towards the wellness of humanity.

When energy flows and elements are in balance, health is maintained, youthfulness is preserved, self healing is promoted and well-being is restored.
The outer appearance is a reflection of the beauty within. Come experience the benefits of the healing properties of nature, relying on its life force to deliver goodness and see the wonders it can do for you in these soothing sessions.

The Results - A blissful experience.......
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