Tupper Cabinet Wardrobe 6 Cubes WITH SHOE RACK

Tupper Cabinet Wardrobe 6 Cubes WITH SHOE RACK


Tupper Cabinet Wardrobe 6 Cubes WITH SHOE RACK


vibrant and colorful
extremely flexible
highly customizable
hassle free installation
material: resin + metal frame. Eco-friendly, non-toxic, formic-acid free
one cube can hold up to 10 kg
waterproof, washable


45 x 35 x 35cm x 6 compartments
45 x 17 x 35cm x 4 compartments
3 doors
36 snaps
3 door stoppers
1 cloth rod


Green with white pattern doors
Pink with white pattern doors
Red with black pattern doors
Black with red pattern doors

* While placing an order please specify which design you choose.

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