Tremella Dx

Tremella Dx

Tremella Dx


World’s First Japanese Remedy
Tremella-Dx (16 Bottles x 20ml each)
White Fungus Enzyme, “Slimming, Detox, Prevents Aging, Whitening, Anti-Inflammation, Anti-Bacteria Infection, Healthy, Blood Purification, Rejuvenation of Cells, The ten most effective ways of breaking down fat all combined into one product – Tremella-Dx, the perfect combination.
***Uses the Japanese Trebeaut Technology to enhance weight loss.

Other benefits include:
1. Reduce fats stored in the body.
2. Helps maintain body health.
3. Suitable to be taken as a weight loss treatment.
4. Act as a natural detox remedy for the body.
5. Eradicates smallpoxes
6. Improves the body’s digestion system.
7. Reduces water retention.
8. Suppresses body fats.
9. Lowers the body’s fats and cholesterol.
10. Helps with hangovers.

Main ingredients: Tremella Powder, Strawberry Powder, Pumpkin Fruit Powder, Green Tea Powder and Fructose.

Product Type:
Each box of Tremella-Dx contains 16 bottles, each has 20ml.

How to use:
- Take immediately after shaken well.
- Best consumed before sleep for the best results (For faster and better results, two bottles may be consumed)
- Be sure to drink more than 2L of water the next day to achieve heightened results.
*** Best Served Chilled
Fixed Pricing in Malaysia: Rm155 per box of Tremella-Dx
Product Certified by: Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia (KKM)

Not suitable for: Pregnant Women, Patients with Severe Diseases.
Long-term effects on the body if no detox has been done for the body:

Obesity, Constipation, Susceptible to Sickness, Hastened Aging, Irritable Bowel Syndromes, Possibility of having Duodenal Ulcers, Eczema, Chloasma, Hemorrhoids, Bad Breath, Insomnia, Mental Drawbacks, Degradation of Beauty, Irritable and Itchy Skin Conditions.

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Location : Kedah

Email to Evelyn Evelyn : 0194756075
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