swimming lesson available

swimming lesson available


Swimming lessons available in 3 levels:
Level 1 Babies self rescue skill-5months to 3 yrs old
Children Ages 5 months to 3years old will learn the self rescue,skill of rolling onto their back , floating,rest and breathe.they learn to maintain this position until helps arrive. Babies have natural affinity with water. Their inbuilt gag reflex will allows them to breath without even thinking about it.
The 6 skills are
1. Conditioning
2. Front floating
3. Back floating
4. Submersions
5. Turning and resurfacing
6. Safety basics
Level 2 Safety fundamentals- 3 yrs old above
In this level you learn the vital skill of breathe control,streamlined float,back float,dog paddle,back kicking and safety awareness.This will not only allow children and adults to be safer and more confident in the water,but also become an excellent swimmer.
Level 3 Stroke development- 3 yrs old above
In stroke development you will learn to be competent and master all the stroke.Instructor will teach the step by step techniques to learn freestyle(front crawl),backstroke(backcrawl),breaststroke and butterfly.
For Inquiries please call: Anne 0183110513 or email at jewnmar@yahoo.com

Location : Kuala Lumpur

Email to Eiramenna Soo Eiramenna Soo : 01831101513
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