Shoe Tote Bag Organizer

Shoe Tote Bag Organizer

Shoe Tote Bag Organizer

Shoe Tote Bag Organizer


Keeps your shoes away from dust, debris and damage

Say goodbye to cluttered closets full of messy shoes!

~Boleh menyimpan hingga 6 pasang kasut

~Portable with simple yet functional design

~The compartments are also suitable to hold and store shirts, accessories, and trinkets/gears

~It is practical and keeps your shoes organized while on the go

~It can also be used at home if you have small living quarters, just slide the shoe bag under the bed for quick storage

~Consolidates all of your traveling gears into one carry-on bag

~Prevents your shoes from taking up space and save them from ruining the clothes you pack along beside them

~Keeps shoes organised while on-the-go

~Great for travel


1) Color : Maroon/ Black

2) Dimension: H39cm x W34cm x 19cm

Harga: 1 pc=RM18
2 pc=RM30

Berminat? Sms/whatsapp: 0111-9321768



Website :

Location : Terengganu

Email to ziza ziza : 0111-9321768
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