Seaweed Scalp Clinic Hair Mask

Seaweed Scalp Clinic Hair Mask

Seaweed Scalp Clinic Hair Mask


(Treatment for Scalp&Hair) The progressive pack formula including Chlorella (algae)extract.Copper Peptide and Lauryl PCA acts on the total trouble of hair.After cares,your scalp & damaged hair change into the healthy,clean,and glossy.
*Balance of the cutaneous ecosystem
*Skin of hair integrity
*Scalp hydration.

Scalp Clinic Mask provides a significant immediate progressive and long-lasting moisturising effect.It helps restore the ecosystem balance by promoting the growth of beneficial germs to the detriment of noxious germs.The multi-progressive formular provides immediate and long-lasting hydration,regulates the desquamation process and reinforces the skin barrier.Skin microflore balance to fight against scalp discomfort(dryness,itching,dandruff,irritations).Moisturizing-Soothing Scalp Treatment.The effect of the treatment is clearly visible.The scales are bonded onto the hair shaft by the treatment substance.The hair is smooth,shiny and easy to comb.Conditioning cream for hair and scalp.

(1)Shampoo and rinse hair throughly.
(2)Apply Seaweed Scalp Clinic Mask to scalp and hair.
(3)Massage into a rich,creamy emulsion.
(4)Leave on for 4-5 minutes.
(5)Rinse extremely well with warm water until hair and scalp are free of cream. Do not shampoo again.
(250ml)Made in KOREA.

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