Sauna Pants

Sauna Pants

Sauna Pants

Sauna Pants


Sweat and Slim for Tummy, Buttock and Thigh

Featured :
-Makes you sweat in the areas you need it most
-Beautifying the skin- flush of toxic
-Great for mum – flatten tummy and hips
-Reshape bottom in safe and natural ways
-Burns up until 600 calories per usage
- Reduce pain in body parts, nerve system, muscles, bones, etc.
-Reduce heart problems, stroke, high blood pressure and aging.
- Relief stress and relaxing the muscles
-Supply: At 220V / 50Hz
-Loading Power: _ 65W
-Enactment Time: 5 – 50min.
-Temperature Range: 35*c – 70*c (adjustable)
-Colour: Orange
-Size: Free size (Waist : 28” – 54” inches, Thigh 12" - 26")

Enjoy the benefits of traditional heat sauna from the comfort of your own home can’t be more ideal as a form of relaxation and even better weight loss. Within minutes of pulling Sauna Pants on, it will make you sweat in the areas you need it most–the abdomen, waist, back and hips.

-Beautify the skin
-Burn fats around the tummy and tighten the stomach
-Reshape the body and buttock in a safe and natural way
-Help makes the tummy thigh and womb smaller
-Help heal inner-side of the body (wounds and pains) and makes mothers more energize and health
-Burns fats up until 600 calories per usage
-“meits” cellulite from the outside ( as if you have been jogging as far as 5km)
-Very effective for weight loss programme
-Reduce pain in body parts, nerve system, muscles, bones, etc
-Relief stress and relaxing the muscles
-Increase cardiovascular system and body immunization
-Flush out toxins in the body such as aluminium, cadmium, mercury and lead
-Increase body metabolism and speed up blood flow
-To break excessive fats into smaller pieces, reduce heart problems, stroke, high blood pressure and anti-aging

The adjustable temperature control leaves you to be in charge. For best results, use the sauna pants for a maximum of 50 minutes in one session. Shake off those excessive fats in warm and pleasing manner can’t be more pleasurable

-Untuk menggunakan sauna pant ini, dinasihatkan untuk memakai seluar cotton pada sebelah dalam terlebih dahulu.
-Jangan pakai sauna pants ini tanpa sebarang lapik. Seluar cotton akan berfungsi untuk menyerap peluh yang akan keluar apabila memakai sauna pant tersebut.
-Pakai SAUNA PANTS dalam keadaan yang selesa (baring atau berdiri). Jangan duduk atau meniarap kerana ini akan mendatangkan masalah kepada alat sauna.
-Jangan gunakan losyen atau seumpamanya ketika menggunakan SAUNA PANTSkerana pori-pori akan terbuka luas dan boleh menyebabkan reaksi pada kulit. (allergi/gatal2)
-Digalakkan minum air suam dengan banyak sebelum, semasa dan selepas menggunakan sauna pants untuk mengelakkan rehydration. Elakkan minum minuman sejuk. Jangan gunakan SAUNA PANTS sekurang-kurangnya 2 jam selepas makan.
-Satu sesi sehari sudah mencukupi dengan penggunaan 30 minit.
-Jangan gunakan lebih dari 50 minit dalam satu masa
-Jangan gunakan terlalu ketat untuk memastikan anda mendapat kesan sauna yang lebih berkesan. Pastikan pants menutupi abdomen, punggung dan paha.

Storage and clean:
• Once you have finished your session, take off the sauna pants and spread it on a flat surface until it cools down.
• Clean it with a wet cloth and dry it.
• Store in a dry place.

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