RM2.99/sqft - WOOD VINYL AA-1

RM2.99/sqft - WOOD VINYL AA-1


RM2.99/sqft - WOOD VINYL AA-1 (supply and install/SIAP PASANG).
Hardwood isnít the only choice for the look of hardwood flooring in your home. Rather, there are a variety of manufactured materials, such as Vinyl wood flooring, which are designed to simulate the look of hardwood.

Vinyl is a man made material, manufactured from petroleum. Vinyl wood flooring refers to vinyl that has been printed with the colors and markings found in natural hardwood.
Al Aqsa Wood Vinyl AA1/AA2 comes in realistic wood designs and textures. It is more resilient than wood or laminate with stain and scratch resistance capability. Maintenance is fairly easy compared to carpet products.
1) Cantik dipasang di rumah, pejabat, premis dan dimana saja, memberi impak elegan dan mewah
2) Lantainya lembut, tak sakit kalau anak-anak terjatuh kerana vinyl wood menyerap hentakan
3) Tahan panas dan tahan air, takde masalah air diserap dan kayu membengkak seterusnya rosak
4) Tidak ada MASALAH ANAI-ANAI !
5) Mudah untuk dijaga dan dibaiki jika ada masalah

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