Rizette Magic Whitening Cream Plus NO Ethanol, NO Paraben 50g

Rizette Magic Whitening Cream Plus NO Ethanol, NO Paraben 50g

Rizette Magic Whitening Cream Plus NO Ethanol, NO Paraben 50g

Rizette Magic Whitening Cream Plus NO Ethanol, NO Paraben 50g


Rizette Magic Whitening Cream Plus NO Ethanol, NO Paraben 50g (RM 85) - FREE POS and FAST Delivery

*Pelanggan yang membuat bayaran SEBELUM pukul 3 petang, penghantaran akan dibuat pada HARI YANG SAMA (Isnin hingga Jumaat kecuali cuti umum).


1 Unit x 50g = RM 85

West Malaysia (Semenanjung Malaysia):
Combine shipment.

East Malaysia (Sabah & Sarawak):
RM 10 sekali pos (beli banyak harga pos tetap sama RM 10)
Combine shipment.

Original Made in KOREA.
Item: NEW

Package include :
- 1 x Rizette Magic Whitening Cream Plus 50g

Rizette Magic Whitening Cream Plus NO Ethanol, NO Paraben

Kesan Pemutihan selama 24 jam. Melembapkan kulit selama 48 jam.

TANPA Ethanol, TANPA pewarna tiruan, TANPA paraben dan TANPA pengelupasan.

Info produk:
- Sesuai untuk mereka ingin memutihkan dan menghaluskan kulit.
- Sesuai untuk mereka yang bermasalah kulit gelap dan kulit tidak sekata.
- Digunakan pada muka, leher, tangan, badan, kaki, siku dan pada anggota badan yang lain
- Boleh digunakan oleh semua, lelaki atau perempuan.
- Kesan pemutihan tahan hingga 24 jam.
- Lembapan selama 48 jam.
- Tanpa pengelupasan.
- Diperbuat daripada bahan-bahan semulajadi.
- Membantu menghilangkan lingkaran gelap bawah mata.
- Formula Anti-penuaan.
- Tekstur ringan dan tidak melekit.

The Rizette Magic Whitening Cream Plus has double functions for whitening & wrinkle improvement :-
- Improves melanin in 2 weeks after usage.
- 70 kinds of natural contents like Phyto white, Phyto age, phyto soothing etc which are good for whitening & wrinkle improvement
- Vitamin Capsule containing Vitamin C, E, Giga white help to make the face bright & clear without dark circles & blemishes.
- Keeps the skin moist for 48 hours

Infused with Vitamin C capsule
Vitamin C Capsule helps to make skin white instantly and improve skin complexion with Vitamin C and super-white ingredients. You crack the yellow capsule every time you apply it!

Lightens the skin for up to 24 hours
The Rizette Magic Whitening Cream Plus will give the effect of skin lightening for up to 24 hours.

Moisturizes the skin for 48 hours with natural botanical ingredients
The Rizette Magic Whitening Cream Plus will keep your skin moisturized for 48 hours and will keep the skin hydrated for 48 hours because of its strong natural plant and oil ingredients.

Free from harmful ingredients
Rizette Magic Whitening Plus contains no artificial pigment, no Parabens, no Ethanol, no Benzophenol, no Talc, and so on.

About Rizette Magic Whitening Cream Plus:

The Rizette Magic Whitening Cream PLUS results in instant milky white skin with LED lightening effect.

Clinical tests show that it improves skin luster, improves the appearance of dark circles, and reduces melanin pigments after two weeks!

If you are looking for a good wrinkle care + whitening + visible functioning whitening cream, then this cream is for you!

Main ingredients include Vitamin C, Nuper Complex, water from Rice Bran, Niacinamide, Adenosine, and 100 kinds of natural ingredients (flower extracts and fruit extracts) with abundant Vitamins A & E and minerals.

Use this cream at the last stage of your skin care and apply it as a cream:

Cleanser--_Toner--_Lotion--_Rizette Cream PLUS.

It is not makeup but skin care!

It is certified by Korea FDA as a Wrinkle & Whitening Multi-Functional Cream.

It is not heavy but a lightweight feeling cream full of nourishment for your skin!

Use it day and night.

This cream contains more than 85% of moisturizing
ingredients with 100 kinds of natural ingredients!

It is long lasting and will keep your skin moisturized for up to 48 hours.

The secret of instant whitening is the Nuper Complex, found in the CAD Cell Alive Delivery Skin Care Line, made from 3 main strongest plant extract survivors from the Earth

After basic skin care stage (cleanser, toner, lotion) apply proper amount of it on your face. Tip: apply anywhere you want such as arms, legs, neck, etc.

1. For external use only
2. Avoid contact with eyes
3. Discontinue use if signs of irritation or rash appear
4. Keep out of reach of children
5. Do not store this product in an inappropriate place such as high or low temperatures or under
direct sunlight

All item are inclusive of Delivery Charges (applicable for Peninsular Malaysia ONLY).

West Malaysia :
Combine shipment is allowed.

East Malaysia (Sabah dan Sarawak):
additional RM 10 will be imposed.
No matter how many unit / item you buy, you only pay one shipping charge RM 10. No other charges. (ONLY for combine shipping)

Untuk membuat pesanan, sila SMS atau Whatsapp 010-8661088.

Penghantaran akan dibuat setiap hari Isnin hingga Jumaat.
- Pelanggan yang membuat bayaran SEBELUM pukul 3 petang, penghantaran akan dibuat pada HARI YANG SAMA.
- Pelanggan yang membuat bayaran SELEPAS pukul 3 petang, penghantaran akan dibuat pada HARI ESOK atau HARI BEKERJA berikutnya.
- Pelanggan yang membuat bayaran PADA SABTU & AHAD, penghantaran akan dibuat pada HARI ISNIN atau HARI BEKERJA berikutnya.
* Penghantaran PERCUMA hanyalah untuk Semenanjung Malaysia SAHAJA.
-Sabah dan Sarawak dikenakan RM 10 bagi sekali penghantaran (Walau berapa banyak barang anda order, anda cuma membayar satu harga pos sahaja untuk sekali penghantaran)
-Penghantaran melalui POSLAJU.

How to place your order
Step 1 :
- Please SMS or Whatsapp 010-8661088 to confirm item availability. Please DO NOT call.

Step 2 :
- For security reasons, we will send you our Bank Account Number via SMS or Whatsapp.
- We use Maybank, CIMB and Bank Simpanan Nasional (BSN) account ONLY.

Step 3 :
- Place payment through online banking, Maybank2U, Cimb Clicks or MyBSN (click on one of the bank icon below).
- Go to the nearest ATM.

Step 4 :
- Whatsapp or MMS picture of payment slip or proof of payment.
- Please state the following details :
Contact No.:
Shipping Address:
Product Title:
Amount Banked In:
Bank Name:

Step 5 :
- Item will be shipped ON THE SAME WORKING DAY.
- Delivery cut off time
Monday to Friday: 3pm
- Any payment made before cut off time we will courier your item out on the SAME working day.
- Otherwise item will be sent out the next working day.
- Item will NOT be shipped on Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays.

Step 6:
- Tracking number will be given after the item is shipped.

Website : http://haruman81.blogspot.my/2017/02/rizette-magic-whitening-cream-plus.html

Location : Selangor

Email to Haruman Lapan Satu Haruman Lapan Satu : 010-8661088
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