PHHP Eco Cleaner

PHHP Eco Cleaner


PHHP Eco Cleaner

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The brand new natural eco-friendly cleaner from PHHP, combining cutting-edge biodegradable technology with concentrated formula, accords milder and safer ingredients to provide superior cleaning power. It can rapidly remove stubborn stains to give you a green, healthy and sparkling clean home environment, it makes housework easier and so much more convenient.


Palm Oil Natural cleaning power

Coconut Oil Produces natural foam

Vegetable Enzyme Elevate cleaning power. It contains biodegradable substances for environmental protection

Ideal For

General home cleaner for aluminium, dishes, tile and stainless steel, etc.
Jewellery, leather, upholstery & vinyl
Hard surface cleaner for floors, wall tiles, windows, car, bathroom, etc.
Stubborn stains found on stoves and hoods.
Frequently Asked Question

How to use Eco Cleaner? How much water should I add?
We have direction of use at the back of the product. Also, you may refer to the product leaflet for detail direction of use.

How do I use Eco Cleaner with washing machine?
For normal washing machine which supports 7kg loads, add 1 full cap of Eco Cleaner.

Can I use Eco Cleaner for washing lingerie?
Yes you can but we suggest to use Lingerie Care since it is dedicated for washing lingerie in the mildest way possible and protects the health of your family and the environment.

How eco-friendly is Eco Cleaner?
It comes with 100% natural formulation while its cleaning function is also able to compete with chemical formulated detergents. Besides, it is eco-friendly and will not cause water pollution.

What is vegetable enzyme?
Any recyclable, reusable or decomposable item is eco-friendly. When enzyme flows into drain or river, it helps in depuration because enzyme is able to decompose artificial chemical contaminants, cleans the drain and avoid causing flood. Common detergents

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