Pemborong Mini ATM Mesin

Pemborong Mini ATM Mesin

Pemborong Mini ATM Mesin

Pemborong Mini ATM Mesin


RM 35 untuk 20 kuantiti ke ats

The Mini ATM with saving and withdraw money function.It is toy bank,as a great educational toy.And it is an excellent gift for children which help them cultivate the good habit of financial management.

Product Features:
* 100 High quality
* Automatically identify coin value
* Exquisite design with LCD screen,ABS material
* Time / date settings, display
* Storage and drawing money
* Saving audio, error alarm function
* Calculator function to facilitate the calculation of your expenses, etc
* Savings, increased capacity, storage will be more savings target set
* Withdrawals with a led light display
* Alarm clock settings prompt function

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Location : Selangor

Email to Laila Ridzwan Laila Ridzwan : 0125121060
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