It is a new product, which is the best choice for BBQ, camping and picnic. It has following characters:
1. Easy to light up. You need only one pc of match to light up all charcoals inside within 15 minutes. And no combustion supporting is needed.
2. It can burn in high temperature for one hour and half-two hours, which is depend on how many charcoal inside. We have 4 different items, which can load from 350g to 1100g charcoal.

You can find the best suitable one for you. We give more choices to our clients.
3. The environments do not limit this kind of product. It can be burned at any time, any place. You can take it to camping and do not worry about how to fix it.
4. Light in weight. The total weight of the whole oven includes the charcoals inside is from 450g. So you can take it to anywhere you go. It can lighten your bag mostly.
5. No smoking technical process. After special processed, the charcoal burns free of smoke and pollution. You can enjoy your BBQ process from the beginning to the end.
6. Friendly to the environment. This product is made of pure charcoal and metal, which can be circled. After you finish baking, you can throw it into a garbage bin, it will not pollute the environment.

Harga seunit RM35

Harga borong RM18 ( minimun order 10 unit )

017-8880806 / 012-2974877

Location : Kuala Lumpur

Email to Kamarudin Omar Kamarudin Omar : 012-2974877
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