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No Fear of runaway maids
No Hassle of stay in maids
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No Worries of registration fee for maids


Part Time Maid Services introduces for the comfort of its customers part time maid services for household and office for multi-working purposes. Our cleaning workers are expert to solve every type of your problems. For busy life, for busy people and busy offices and competitive business, it helps to enhance quality clean services in low cost to remove from loaded financial problem to hire maids.

Our maids are well trained in the day to day cleaning of a home and can take instructions from our clients on their various requirements. Part Time Maid services are reasonably priced and we believe in the philosophy of putting our customers satisfaction top on our list.

The part time maid shall provide the following services:

General cleaning within the house which is inclusive of sweeping and mopping of floors, vacuuming carpeted floors, cleaning of curtain railings, bathrooms, ceiling fans, windows and dusting of furniture.

Clean up all kitchen items which are including clean appliances (exterior), plates, pots, pans, dining ware, and other kitchen utensils etc.

Washing the bathrooms such as clean and sanitize toilets, polish chrome, clean sanitize and deodorize, scrub and sanitize showers and bath tubs, vanities sinks and splash backs cleaned and sanitized, wipe down all wall tile.

Wiping all the tables, arranging display items, tidying up the bed, empty and clean wastebaskets.

Washing or Ironing clothes. (We would advice our clients to wash the clothes a day before maid arrives, so that they can do the ironing on the following days) It is not advisable to wash and iron on the same day.

General gardening service.

Looks after old person and the child.

We sent and fetch our maid to your house when you need them.

“If you are satisfied by our work, tell your friends
If you are unsatisfied by our work, tell us, please.”

MR. Ravin : 017-360 1118/016-374 1149

Location : Selangor

Email to 017-360 1118 017-360 1118 : 0163741149
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