Orkid watering system in malaysia.

Orkid watering system in malaysia.

Orkid watering system in malaysia.

Orkid watering system in malaysia.


System Descriptions: Hydromate KSM1 Automatic Orchid Mist Spraying DIY Set is a complete package that contains all necessary parts for you to spray 6ft x 6ft area of orchid depending on the structure of the hanging position you design. Each of the mister has 4 outlet that will deliver mist to your orchid or other plants. The mist will then distributed to all portions of the flower bed including leaves, flowers & stems.
Package: All in 1 Box. Ready for setup.

Warranty: 1 year with 1 to 1 exchange policy if found manufacturing defect.

Applications: Popular solution for hanging basket, orchid grower, bed watering, spraying for rectangular pot with Roses.
System Components Include:
a. Automatic Water Timer (1 Year Warranty) (1)
b. 4mm Tube (20m)
c. 4 way Manifold (1)
d. 4 way Mister (4)
e. Manual Valve (1)
f. 4 mm Tube T joint (25)
g. 1/2"x1/2"x1/2" T Joint (1)
h. 1/2"x1/2" Nipple (2)
i. 1/2"x3/4" Nipple (1)
j. PTFE Tape (2)
k. Pipe Clips (mount on wall) (10)

Warranty: 1 Year Warranty  on Controller; 2 years warranty  on SPF1 pop up sprinkler

Product Certification CE Certified, ISO9001

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HydromateIrrigation

Product Video Clip : www.automaticwateringsolutions.webs.com/productvideoclip.htm . 

NOTE: Pls contact us for more information:
Contact: 0124312972
Email: automaticwateringsolutions@gmail.com
Website: www.hydromateirrigation.com
Website: www.automaticwateringsolutions.webs.com

Website : http://www.hydromateirrigation.com

Location : Selangor

Email to Mr.Chang Mr.Chang : 0124312972
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