(OEM/ODM) Manufacturer Royal Honey Series

(OEM/ODM) Manufacturer Royal Honey Series

(OEM/ODM) Manufacturer Royal Honey Series

(OEM/ODM) Manufacturer Royal Honey Series

Royal Honey
Royal Honey is rich in energy & has a discrete property in promoting tissues energy.Royal Honey is rich in saccharides especially fructose which represent more than 40% of the available carbohydrates in honey. Fructose readily diffuses adipose & skeletal muscle membranes whereby , it is very easily catabolized to supply energy according to cell requirement.

Main Function:
Increase sexual desire, libido, sexual performance and to treat erectile dysfunction,
Increase muscle mass, strength and enhance men's health,
Relax prostitutes, diabetes, high blood pressure,
Ease fatigue, strong spirit, promote physical fitness and agility,
Anti-oxidation, Anti-rheumatic.
Reduce Stress
Strengthen Physical Fitness And Ability
Restoring Energy
Strengthen body
Foundation Health
Kidney Regulation
Anti Aging
Increase Libido And Achieve
Stronger Erections
Coordinating Menstrual Cycles
To Ease Menstrual Pain

Main Ingredients:
Eurycoma Longifolia Radix
Polygoni Multiflori Preparata
Himalayan Teasel Rool
Turmeric Root Tuber
Songaria Cynomorium

Specification :
1 Carton x 32 boxes x 10 sachets x 20g

Consumer Responsibility: Not recommended for children or pregnant women. People with heart problems should consult with medical physician before consuming this products.

This production Is Malaysia Halal certified manufacturer and distributor complying with Islamic Law and Malaysia Halal Standard Approved.

Why OEM?
OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer
OEM is a relatively new phenomenon whereby one company sells their product to another (generally larger) company to relabel and sell as their own.

What Products can we OEM?
Herbal Coffee
Royal Honey
Slimming Products (Fruits juice power, pills, coffee slimming, milk tea slimming)
Energy Drinks

Why Our OEM/ODM?
•We utilize natural materials to create originality
•logo, package, label design, highest quality and lowest price.
•Each product will have complete quality assurance & control to ensure quality and safety.
•We are a Malaysia Halal certified manufacturer and distributor complying with Islamic Law and Malaysian Halal Standard approved by Halal Certification Panel of Department of religion, Haccp and ISO Certified.
•We have professional designers to help design the labels and packages for you, exactly as you required.
• We can customize the taste, ingredient, product design and packaging based on your specific needs and requirement.
• We can keep modifying it until you are satisfied.

Advantages of OEM:
Products are sold under your brand
The best distributors will help to promote your products and brand as you want
Quick access to market
Quick revenue
Sustained growth

Dr’s Secret Worldwide Manufacturing Sdn Bhd is ready to provide the best products & services to our customers worldwide.

If you are interested or wish to get further information,please do not hesitate to drop me a reply email by drsecret@hotmail.com or contact me via phone +60165515318 (whatsapp, wechat, ,message, call)
Million thanks.

Drs Secret Worldwide manufactured Sdn Bhd,
Business Development Marketing(Malaysia Branch)
No 42, 2nd floor jalan todak 2,
Butterworth, Penang, Malaysia.
Office Tel: +604-3562160
Office Fax: +604-3562160
Phone Num: +6016-5515318

Location : Pulau Pinang

Email to Madu Vitamin Kopi Madu Vitamin Kopi : +60165515318
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