Nicer Dicer Plus Ready stock MURAH RM30 ONLY FREE POstage

Nicer Dicer Plus Ready stock MURAH RM30 ONLY FREE POstage


Nicer Dicer Plus Ready stock in Malaysia MURAH RM30 ONLY FREE POSTAGE SEMENANJUNG
Fruit & Vegetable DIY Tools Nicer Dicer Slicer/Peelers Cutter Plus Kitchen Tools

Wholesale RM33 moq 5
Rm30 moq 12 pcs FREE postage semenanjung
Retail price RM65

product details :

1. Material: ABS+PP

2. Good Kitchen helper
3. Simple but multi-functional
4. Type: Fruit & Vegetable Tools

1. With the function of five kinds of cutter blades
2. Fruits and vegetables can be sliced into different shapes
3. It is easy to store food with airtight lids
4. The hands would not get hurt by using safe handle

This toolset is your best kitchen helper, in which it shortens the cooking time from the start of preparation to the serving of the meal tremendously. Food must be cut into cubes, sticks, strips, quarters or eighths - the costs not only time but you need countless kitchen tools (knives, bowls, cutting boards, etc.) that can not always at hand and plenty of storage space in the kitchen to complete. This kitchen toolset solves all the above problems - you have everything in one handy set! Simplest and space saving as it gets!
Package contents (also shown in pictures)

1 x Removable top part with cleaning button
1 x Cutting base
1 x Transparent container
1 x Blade 6x6mm / 12x12mm
1 x Blade 18x18mm / 6x36mm
1 x Blade quarters/wedges
1 x Plug-in cutting stamp
1 x Partial blade cove
1 x Perfect peeler
1 x Fresh-keeping lid

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Location : Selangor

Email to Mona Mona : 0196565733
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