Miss Moter Matcha Milk hand wax 200g MURAH !

Miss Moter Matcha Milk hand wax 200g MURAH !

Miss Moter Matcha Milk hand wax 200g MURAH !

Miss Moter Matcha Milk hand wax 200g MURAH !


Fenomena Matcha Milk hand wax Mask Tangan dan kaki !
Memutihkan , Melembapkan , Menghilangkan kulit hitam2 di tangan dan kaki , Mencantikkan serta melembutkan !

•••Miss Moter Matcha Milk hand wax 200g•••

Harga pasaran : Rm70sm/Rm75ss
Harga promosi : Rm45sm/Rm50ss
Sms/whatsapp 013-6717210 /010-5300321

Packing: There carton with plastic, there are security.
Product ingredients: natural green tea powder, milk cream, aloe lubrajel oil,
glycerin, fruit waxes, natural honey, film-forming agent, EDTA, disodium

Remember not too thick nor too thin coating, etc. After completely dry the tear.
Taiwan Matcha Milk hand wax rich in vitamins, nutrients combined with fruit wax,
completely beyond the concept of maintenance of the skin,
so the skin during use completely penetrate lipid nutrients in plants,
the thick milk tea make you want to eat a mouthful of feeling,
in effect forming process also continues to deliver nutrients for the skin,
because the skin to repair damage caused by living and working and aging,
while achieving moisturizing, nourishing, rejuvenation

For skin: skin applied to any general, hand care products periodically.

Note: The hand skin wounds, inflammation abnormal situation,
or allergies and sensitive skin, do not use the products, skin discomfort, please suspended.

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Location : Kuala Lumpur

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