Mesin jahit SINGER® 14N735C

Mesin jahit SINGER® 14N735C


Spesifikasi :
*Brand : Singer
*Model : 14N735C
*Stitches per minute : 1100
*Tread Capability : 20 different stitch
*Thread Converter : 2 (rolled hems, flatlocking or stretch wrapped)
*Adjustable Presser Foot Pressure : Yes
*Instant rolled hem : Easy
*Moveable upper knife : Easy
*Feed Ratio : from 0.5 to 2.0 mm

The Singer 14N735C Professional Coverlock machine has 5-4-3-2 thread capabilities , it gives you professionally finished seams. You have a choice of a wide range of stitches too. The 14N735C offers a new feature – COVER HEM STITCH & CHAIN STITCH . 2-3-4-5 Thread Capability .Up to 1,200 sticth per minute. Adjustable Sticth Length & Width .Sticth Width Adjustment (3.0mm to 9.0mm). Differential Feed Ratio (0.5 to 2.0). Moveable Upper Knife .Color Coded Treading System .Pressure Foot Adjustment. Built-in Safety Switch.

• I year warranty
• Free delivery to KL site areas
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