Magna Power Therapeutic Massage Soles

Magna Power Therapeutic Massage Soles

Magna Power Therapeutic Massage Soles

Magna Power Therapeutic Massage Soles


The natural & effortless way to walk!
Revolusi produk khas untuk orang-orang yang sibuk:
- Mengurut ketika berjalan
- Melancarkan peredaran darah
- Reduces muscular aches and pains
- Eliminates foot odors
- Turns all footwear into massage footwear

Shoe Insoles for Foot Massage Therapy (Gents size)
One Size Fits All

Juga dikenali sebagai Magnetic Shoe Inserts /Foot Care Feet Insole Massager Shoe Pads Magnetic Therapy/One Pair Shoe Insoles for Foot Massage Therapy/Magna Power Magnetic Massage InSoles

ENJOY new vitality and comfort with your MAGNA POWER as they stimulate the pressure points on your soles the natural and effortless way while you walk.

DISCOVER this centuries - old natural science of acupressure and marvel at the difference it can make in your life.

MASSAGE your feet with this comfortable magnetic health insole:
- Makes up for lack of exercise.
- Stimulates the pressure points located on the soles of your feet.

COOLS your feel with 250 air holes so your feet will stay dry.

Specifications :
- Fitted with 10 pieces of magnets
- One size fits ALL
- Easy cut-to-fit instruction

Gents size, sesuai juga untuk ladies, hanya potong ikut size yang dikehendaki

Harga: RM13 sepasang
Sms/ whatsapp: 0111-9321768

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Location : Terengganu

Email to ziza ziza : 0111-9321768
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