Luxor Jeli Gamat

Luxor Jeli Gamat


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Gamat Jelly (350 ml)

• Made from pure Golden Sea cucumber extract (stichopus hermanii).

• Rejuvenates and repairs damaged cells.

• Attains healthy and beautiful skin condition.

• Promotes the recovery of wounds.

• Maintains healthy and strong joints.

• Suitable for those with skin problems, breathing problems, gastric, muscle/joint pains, after delivery/after surgery, chronic diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease and etc.

• Manufactured by Luxor-owned GMP-certified Factory with its unique blend of proven formulation and packed in its most natural form.

• Certified HALAL by JAKIM.

It is well known locally as Gamat, one of the sea's greatest hidden health treasures. Some call it, sea ginseng. There are over 1,100 different types of sea cucumbers worldwide. Malaysian waters contain over 40 types spread around Langkawi, Pangkor, Terengganu, Sabah and Sarawak, making it one of the world's leading authorities on Gamat due to extensive research on its development and usage.
Gamat comes in different colours but the golden yellow Gamat (scientifically known as stichopus hermanii) has the highest therapeutic value. Gamat's curative powers are literally amazing. It has been used for centuries as a traditional therapeutic powerhouse for treating burns, wounds, internal injuries, post-delivery restoration of the muscles and tissues in women, as well as rejuvenating elasticity, thereby helping women stay attractive and curvaceous. It's usable all over the body, including hair care, facial and skin care.
Studies in The United States, Australia, Japan and Korea indicated Gamat helps overcome high blood pressure, asthma, rheumatism, injuries, diabetes and many other illnesses. Local Malaysian Universities (like UKM) tests confirmed Gamat's capacity to shrink the womb, improve cardiovascular blood vessel conditions, normalise blood pressure, heal wounds and act as an anti-bacterial, anti-fungal agent.
Research findings have also indicated that Gamat:
• Is an analgesic
• Improves arthritic conditions
• Clears coronary passages
• Prevents stomach cramps
• Boosts the quantity of leucocytes (white blood cells)
• Helps overcome gastric problems
• Helps treat diabetes, asthma, allergies, pain, wounds,etc
• Has anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, anti-cancer properties.
• Is a powerful anti-oxidant!
When using any Gamat products, check for the following:
• Is it approved by the Health Ministry of Malaysia?
• Expiry dates - as Gamat has to be specially packed to retain its properties, for long term usage.
• What species of Gamat is used - only stichopus hermanii or golden yellow Gamat has been found to have all the properties to deliver the above mentioned benefits?
• How natural or close to the natural state of Gamat is retained in producing it. Many manufacturers fail to retain its full therapeutic effectiveness, when they modify Gamat for other usages.
• Is it Halal? Is it produced using GMP Manufacturing standards?
• What's the percentage of Gamat in each product?
Also check if the Gamat Product has the following ingredients:
• Bio-active Compounds
• Collagen
• Mucopolysaccharides
• Chondroitin Sulphates and Glucosamines
• Omega-3
• At least 8 types of Minerals
Regular consumption of Gamat helps:
• Overcome illnesses:
• Prevent their recurrence
• Protect and strengthen the immune system
• Energize the body
Besides consuming Gamat, for best results, make sure you exercise, live a healthy lifestyle, be positive, cheerful and happy always!

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