Lampu pembunuh nyamuk - mosquito killer lamp

Lampu pembunuh nyamuk - mosquito killer lamp


KES DenGGi SeMaKiN MeNinGkat diSETIAP Negeri
XPERCAYA?? CUba Google tengok!!

ANDA STILL Guna Ubat Nyamuk/ Penyembur NYAMUK Yang Pastinya BERACUN?? Tak dapat denggi dapat Penyakit Lain

ANDA STILL PEGI SuperMarket untuk MemBELI-MemBELI dan TERUS MEMBELI Stok Penyembur nyamuk/ ubat nyamuk??
Sekali Beli RM 10 Sebulan 4 kali Beli RM 40???

Buat Apa Susah2??? Kan dah tahun 2014 ni
JOM Dapatkan Lampu pembunuh Nyamuk

IA memikat nyamuk melalui CAHAYA UV, dan apabila nyamuk datang dan hinggap padanya, Nyamuk AKan Mati serta merta sebab terkena renjatan..

Memang BEST!!! ANDA MeSTi puas hati


Protect your loved ones and yourself! Finally say goodbye to pesky mosquitoes with this electric mosquito killer lamp! Safe, economical and effective! Its UV tube light lures these annoying in sects in, traps them and kills! No chemicals or toxic sprays required! Get them before they get you.

Safe To Use Electric Mosquito Killer lamp! NO Toxic Or Smelly Chemical residues

Product Features

Lure and traps mosquitoes in the machine to ensure that your rest time is not disturbed
This machine uses NO chemicals and toxic which makes it safe to use around the house
Ideal in the presence of children and babies
Compact, convenient and easy to clean
Shining bright with a UV tube, the electronic killer silently lures the enemy in and kills it
Maintains low power consumption and quiet operation
Without spraying harmful and stinky fumes into the air
Protects you and your loved ones from the menace of Aedes and other dangerous disease spread by mosquitoes

Product Specification

Power Ac: 220V/50Hz
Effective killing space: 16m
Power Grid Voltage : less than DC 600V
Suggested Using Height: 0.8-1.2m, and the distance to wall should over 0.3m
Maintenance: Simple and easy by cleaning the wire net to remove the mosquitoes
Designed with power saving, decorating, soft light, so it should be used in a place without strong light
Package Includes :
1 x Electric Mosquito Killer Lamp

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