Lamaze Foot Finder & Wrist Rattle Murah!

Lamaze Foot Finder & Wrist Rattle Murah!


Gift Set Contain (Come with a box as shown in the picture):
- 1 pair wrist rattle
- 1 pair foot finder

Development Features:
THINK - baby discovers her hands and feet
LOOK - smiling faces engage baby's vision and focus
MOVE - kicking and reaching awaken baby's muscles
LISTEN - with every wiggle, the garden bugs rattle! Crinkle and rattles awaken auditory awareness
TOUCH - multi-textured bugs invite baby to explore, stimulating tactile senses

- Easy to wear, comfortable rattles to stimulate and inspire your baby
- Encourages discovery and rewards exploration.
- The perfect way to start your baby's development.
- The innovative wrist rattles and foot finders fit comfortably on baby's wrists and ankles.
- Bright colours, cute faces and enchanting noises will have baby searching for their hands and feet
- Machine Washable

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Location : Kuala Lumpur

Email to Faana Roslan Faana Roslan : 019-3218408
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