We Avana.Asia are looking for:


1. Senior Backend Developer (PHP)

What you will do:
-Lead new and adapt existing product growth strategies
-Identify product vision and roadmap leveraging business and engineering parameters
-Establish data-driven practices in all product discussions
-Champion product user priorities
-Define metrics, processes and systems to develop other product roles
-You will be working very closely with our CEO to achieve the above.

What you should have on you:
-Have a strong backend/frontend development experience or understanding, and familiar with multitudes of languages and technology stacks on both area.
-Willing to work with industry/development standards
-Able to incorporate with existing environment, and may scale himself up according to product needs/direction
-Willing to lead a scalable development practices
-Experienced with what web service and ui/ux developer is capable of
-A solid practice of the scientific method including experiment design, data collection, data analysis, robust documentation and execution
-Demonstrated successes (and failures) in building user-facing applications using data-driven practices
-Excellent communication skills and experience in collaborating with people of all subspecies (engineers, business executives, service providers)
-Ability to think creatively, embrace changes and make swift decisions in high-paced environments

What would help you:
-Passion for continuous optimization
-Proficiency in data tools and best practices
-A strong commitment for quality
-Experience with culture and discipline in cross-functional, young startup teams
-Interest in solving startup challenges in a regional context
-Understanding of local and global industry patterns and consumer psychology
-Love for working for people, with people
-Send us anything to tell us more about yourself and your best work.

2. Mobile Developer iOS

What you’ll be working on:
-Work closely with our product and design teams to customize the AVANA experience for the iOS platform
-Implement custom native user interfaces using the latest iOS programming techniques
-Build reusable iOS software components for interfacing with the AVANA platform
-Analyze and optimize UI and back-end application code for efficiency and performance

What you should bring to the team:
-2+ years building complex applications for the iPhone or iPad using Objective-C/C++ or Swift with Cocoa and other frameworks
-2+ years mobile application development at the user interface and system levels
-Ability to understand and debug large and complex code bases
-Experience designing clean and maintainable APIs
-Experience with multithreading programming
-Experience writing unit tests and testable code
-Knowledge of iOS SDK performance tools and optimization techniques
-Experienced Android user (Knowledge of a variety of Android devices, from cheap knock-off phones to the latest hotness and everything in between)
-A strong vision for what you think good Android apps can be, coupled with a willingness to work with product
-Knowledge of Android SDK performance tools and optimization techniques
-Experience with Git i.e. related collaboration and deployment skills.
-Excellent problem solving, critical thinking and communication skills
-Rapidly find and fix bugs and prevent them from reoccurring.
-Comfortable in a small, intense and high-growth start-up environment

3. Customer Support Executive

What you’ll be working on:
-Answer posts, comments, messages via email, online chat and social media channels within an agreed SLA proposal;
-Good communication skills and fluency in both spoken/written in English and Malay languages;
-Proficiency in Chinese (Mandarin or Cantonese) will be an added advantage;
-Monitoring and assisting clients on our online chat and other online communication tools
-Provide realistic and creative resolution as necessary;
-Ensure urgent/negative items are flagged and help provide strategy to mediate conversations;
-Review and analyze movement of platform based on reports provided;
-Propose, share, and help provide strategies based on insights provided.
-Attentiveness to detail and accuracy;
-Develop systems and procedures for improving overall client satisfaction
-Good interpersonal and leadership skills;
-Patience and customer-service oriented attitude
-Contribute to our knowledge base by authoring articles and creating tutorials
-Communicate with the management team and developers to improve product functionality, resolve issues, and improve customer satisfaction
-Discover potential opportunities from client contact and work with sales team to meet their needs for additional products or services
-Escalate unresolved issues as required while maintaining ownership of issues through resolution

We would love it if you are:
-A people person, customer oriented and able to emphatize with the customers
-Ability to sort the urgency of any issues by understanding the impact of any issues -raised to customer business
-At least 1 year working experience in Customer Service. Experience in Zendesk will be an added advantage;
-Ability to communicate results to management and in a fast paced environment;
-An ability to work under minimal supervision;
-An outstanding organizational skills;
-An ability to be multitasking and creative;
-Passion for the web and web-based software products
-Must be flexible to shift work
-Enjoy helping others solve their issues quickly and constructively


4. Web Designer

What you’ll do:
-Working closely with Sales & Marketing Manager on deployment of creatives across all marketing channels
-Create illustrations and animations for feature launches, ads, promotional merch, and who-knows-what-else
-Work on existing in-house illustration style and make it even better
-Ensuring that all divisions comply with the company’s design code
-Developing, maintaining and updating the company’s design code
-Taking the lead with respect to design strategy and creative direction company branding
-Preparing designs and deploying them on aggressive timelines
-Communicate with vendors and printers

What we’d like to see from the candidate:
-Good knowledge in Adobe System such as Photoshop, Illustrator and Indesign.
-The ability to meet deadlines in a high pressure environment.
-The motivation to maintain and improve design standards.
-The willingness to listen to feedback and use it to improve.
-Offering input to creative meetings and sharing ideas.
-Producing attractive and effective designs.
-Good team player with strong communication skills.
-Take designs briefs and implement according to brand and marketing goals.
-Manage the execution of all creative deliverables in line with project schedule and deadlines.
-Result-oriented, able to work independently with good planning & organisation skills.
-Friendly, good at multitasking & willingness to learn.
-At least 1 year(s) of working experience in the related field is required for this position.
-To assist branding department with graphics and content creation.
-To perform other graphic design related tasks or ad hoc duties as and when necessary.
-Responsible for helping to drive the creative direction of marketing.

What would help you:
-A link to your portfolio that highlights your relevant design work
-Links to any other work that you’re proud of
-Share with us why you’d like to design for AVANA

5. Sales Lead

What you’ll be working on:
-Defining our growth strategy, roadmap, and milestones with the team
-Tracking, optimizing, and identifying opportunities in acquisition, activation, retention, and reactivation across our products together with our product managers.
-Planning and executing on opportunities above, working closely with product managers, developers and designers to guide the projects from concept through launch
integrating SEO/SEM, social media, paid ad programs, digital partnerships, website conversion, website optimization, and any other digital optimization processes to reach more students

What would help you:
-Have a track record for growing user bases, optimizing funnels, and understanding how to measure and maximize products
-Understand the full gamut of acquisition, activation, retention, and reactivation
-Have a track record for building engaging, delightful product experiences
-Are thoughtful about what makes a great user experience that drives engagement and retention
-Think deeply about user needs, competitive & market trends, company strategy and can ruthlessly prioritize
-Have excellent communication skills and are able to articulate and shape a vision, strategy
-2+ years experience in product management and/or growth and/or analytics in consumer internet, gaming and/or mobile
-2+ years experience in growth role or growth-related role, addicted to growth blogs and all things webtech

6.Data Scientist

What you’ll be doing:
-You will identify and solve business-wide problems for online sellers using a combination of Big data and Operations Research (OR) techniques
-You will help us “track everything”, from the smallest actions such as user clicks, to the biggest set of data such as transactions. We need to know information such as which features are not being used, which are the most clicked hotspots items, so we can make an informed decision on how our users are is using our product.
-You will advocate, evangelize and build data-fuelled products that help our customers improve online selling processes. You’ll dig in and become an expert on our social commerce datasets. You will provide insights insight and implement into leading analytic practices, design and lead iterative learning and development cycles, and ultimately produce insights that will enable us to come up with data driven new and creative analytic solutions that will become part of our core deliverables.
-You will translate data speak to human speak to communicate effectively conceptualizing analysis to our team
-You will work with our team members to identify and prioritize actionable, high-impact insights across a variety of core business areas. You will lead applied analytics initiatives that are leveraged across the breadth of our solutions for social commerce. You will research, design, implement and validate cutting-edge algorithms to analyze diverse sources of data to achieve targeted outcomes.
-As our data scientist, you will selecting features, building and optimizing classifiers using machine learning techniques. Furthermore, you will work on enhancing data collection procedures to include information that is relevant for building analytic system

Who we’re looking for:
-You have a Master’s Degree or equivalent in operations research, applied statistics, data mining, machine learning, physics or a related quantitative discipline. You have a deep understanding of statistical and predictive modeling concepts, machine-learning approaches, clustering and classification techniques, and recommendation and optimization algorithms.
-With 5+ years of experience delivering world-class data science outcomes, you solve complex analytical problems using quantitative approaches with your unique blend of analytical, mathematical and technical skill
-You’re passionate about asking and answering questions in large datasets, and you are able to communicate that passion to the team product managers and engineers. You have a keen desire to solve business problems, and live to find patterns and insights within structured and unstructured data. You propose analytics strategies and solutions that challenge and expand the thinking of everyone around you.
-You will suggest what metrics the team needs to on what to track and assist us in making decisions moving forward based on insights from large dataset.
-Minimum 2 years of relevant experience in solving large-scale complex problems, especially in ecommerce or SAAS
-You are expert in analyzing large, complex, multi-dimensional datasets with a variety of tools. You are accomplished in the use of statistical analysis environments such as R, MATLAB, SPSS or SAS. You have experience with BI tools such as Tableau and Microstrategy. You’re as comfortable with relational databases and know MySQL commands.
-You are familiar with SQL, Python, Java and C/C++.
-You desire a fast paced, test-driven, collaborative and iterative engineering environment. -You love learning, data, scale and agility. You excel at making complex concepts simple and easy to understand by those around you.
-You’re driven to show the world the power of applied analytics.
-You are self-motivated and independent learner who is willing to share knowledge with the team
-You must be detail-oriented and efficient time manager who thrives in a dynamic and fast-paced working environment

7. Marketing Internship Program

If you can draw fans like bees to honey and make sure they stay, engage and influence their peers to do the same across Facebook and Twitter, here’s your chance to shine!

As an intern, you will:
- Identify influential and growth opportunities for social commerce via research
- Engage regularly with ecommerce communities online
- Reach out to potential ecommerce merchants
- Share your thoughts on the company’s social media strategy
- Develop and execute social media strategies the company
- Engage and Grow the company’s community of merchants
- Learn about social commerce and share your findings with the team
- Device a marketing plan based on what you've learnt
- Help the team in carrying out the marketing initiatives


Young, dynamic fast learner, passionate about social media and online communities with a great team spirit!


To apply, please send your resume to

Website :

Location : Selangor

Email to AVANA.ASIA AVANA.ASIA : 01137658675
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