Japan Kojic Acid 6x1000mg Kojic Acid

Japan Kojic Acid 6x1000mg Kojic Acid


- A mushroom extract which is an extremely popular skin lightening treatment product, it have been many use for overall skin whitening for pigmentation problems, including as an age spot and freckle remover.
- Good for skin bleaching of freckles, treatment for age spots, or a skin disorder called "melasma". Mixed vitamin C + collagen will have great effect on skin lightening.

Injection method:
- 1x1000mg kojic acid + distiller/5ml ampoule’s per week. See result after 2 week.
- Intravenous (IV) by drip.
- Drip took 15~45 minute will be best effect.

Side effect:
- For any abnormal overdose, it may cause dermatitis problem (redness, itching), drink more water will do.

Not suitable for
1. Breast feeder.
2. Injection on women period.
3. Allergy to vitamin (any kind).
4. Patient with cardiovascular problem.

Kojic acid 1000mg in powder per vial, distiller water (saline) in 5 ml

Packing Size:
6x distiller/5ml + 6x1000mg Kojic Acid Powder

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Location : Kelantan

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