Izumi Acne & Skin Balance Gel

Izumi Acne & Skin Balance Gel


Izumi Acne & Skin Balance Gel is a unique skin care product for sebum control. It is mild and uses the distinctive anti-acne formula exclusive to Izumi skin care products. Not only does it prevent skin from becoming dry, it can also provide skin with comprehensive moisturising results, thus, making it an ideal long-term skin care product. Izumi Acne & Skin Balance Gel has the dual effects of alleviating acne condition (targeted solution) and preventing the onset of acne and blackheads (long-term skin careing).


PuriHerbs exclusive anti-acne formula made up of 3 types of herbs, namely eucalyptus leaves, licorice and African yellow wood.

Licorice licorice has long been used in traditional Chinese medicine. Modern research has discovered that licorice extracts has valuable anti-inflammation and anti-allergy effects which can relieve the inflamed symptom of acne and aid wound healing to soothe sensitive skin.

Eucalyptus leaves originated from Australia, eucalyptus leaves are used as a natural herb through the generations. The anti-bacterial function of eucalyptus extracts can counter the growth of bacterial which causes pimples. When such microbes breed extensively in pores, they would break down the walls and form pimples. Eucalyptus extracts inhibits the growth of acne-causing bacterial and prevent pimples from developing.

African yellow wood 5-alpha reductase is an enzyme present in the sebaceous glands of the human body which causes excess sebum secretion. African yellow wood extracts can inhibit over-active 5-alpha reductase and regulate sebaceous glands to reduce sebum secretion. Charcoal extracts also cleanses pores and tightens them; over-secretion of sebum enlarges pores.

Rose hip oil not only does rose hip oil have a soothing fragrance, it can also boost cellular regeneration. These made it a sacred beauty product in Latin America. Acne often leaves scars, pock marks and enlarged pores. The nutrients and antioxidants present in rose hip oil can help damaged skin heal, lighten scars and marks, as well as enhancing the elasticity of pores.
Hyaluronic acid hyaluronic acid is a transparent, sticky gel-like substance which has polymer polysaccharides which can lock in large amount of moisture to hydrate skin tissue. You might ask, "What does oily skin need to be moisturized? Isn't it better for it to be as dry as possible?" The answer to the latter is a no because when skin is dehydrated, it will produce more sebum to shield itself. This would, in turn, trigger the growth of more pimples. In order to prevent this from recurring, hyaluronic acid is added to the product to help skin achieve healthy sebum-moisture balance.

Frequently Ask Questions

Why do we need to use acne cream?
For those of us who reside in tropical countries, the weather would make you skin "oily" easily. Izumi Acne & Skin Balance Gel helps oily and combination skin users alleviate acne conditions, the situation of skin being dry on the inside and oily on the surface, as well as clogged pores, since it can soften blackheads easily.

What are the benefits of Izumi Acne & Skin Balance Gel?
Izumi Acne & Skin Balance Gel offers the combination of five main characteristics, namely soothing, antibacterial, sebum control, restore and moisturisation. The multi-purpose Izumi Acne & Skin Balance Gel helps you resolve your acne and oily skin issues. As acne prone skin would very often experience problems with sensitivity, Izumi Acne Gel is fragrance-free and its light scent comes from rose hip oil which is an ingredient in its formulation that has treatment properties. It is a non-stimulant so that even sensitive skin users can rest assure.

My pimples have healed so should I continue using Izumi Acne & Skin Balance Gel?
Oily skin and combination skin users are recommended to use the Izumi Acne & Skin Balance Gel on a long-term basis to regulate sebum-moisture balance and be prevent the formation of pimples.

Directions for use

Izumi Acne & Skin Balance Gel is suitable for day and night use before Water Gel Plus.
Oily skin users can use it on a long-term basis.
Acne-prone skin users can use it on the entire face, on a long-term basis and more emphasis on the areas with pimples.
Combination skin users can use it on the T-zone (forehead, nose) on a long-term basis.

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