IGCSE Accounting Tuition

IGCSE Accounting Tuition

IGCSE Accounting Tuition

IGCSE Accounting Tuition

IGCSE Accounting Home Tuition

A good day to you. My name is Victor Lee and I am keen to assist you or your child with your academic needs. I specialize in the IGCSE Accounting paper. I have completed my professional degree in accounting (ACCA) in 2009 from Sunway University.
ACCA, or Association of Chartered Certified Accountants, is the global body for professional accountants. It is widely considered as one of the highest qualification in the field of accounting.

I have guided homeschoolers with preparing for their examinations in the past. I am a very patient, yet discipline tutor. I look to guide you or your child in getting good results in the IGCSE Accounting examinations.

•Homeschoolers looking to take the IGCSE Accounting paper
•High school students who are keen to take an extra paper for their IGCSE finals
•High school students who need additional tutoring to ensure success in the paper

As a teacher, I focus on preparing for the final examinations from day one of the classes. I also seek fun and exciting ways of studying and preparing for the examination.
I truly believe that students need to get a holistic education which includes the understanding of the world of business. This understanding would help them understand the IGCSE Accounting syllabus better.
I find it very rewarding when I open them up towards many business concepts that might not be in the syllabus, but can be a driving edge in their futures.

I am a simple tutor who focuses on making the syllabus as simple as possible. I find for great ways of breaking down a problem and presenting the solutions to my students in a manner that they will understand it easily.
Besides that, being in my twenties is a great advantage because I am able to connect to high school students better. This is perhaps the biggest advantage that I have when tutoring others.

•Lectures – Classes to cover the syllabus
•Tutorials – To ensure that the students understand the lectures better by doing questions
•Business Readings – Additional reading to ensure that students get to learn more about the business world. This include case studies of McDonalds, Facebook and many more
•Examinations – To gauge the progress of the students
•Revision Class – To prepare for the final exams

The tuition would be conducted at home. This would be based in Subang Perdana Court 9 (in USJ 14).

The tuition would commence according to the sitting that you or your child is taking. The commencement dates are as follows:
•April 2014 – For those taking the May 2015 IGCSE Examination
•October 2014 – For those taking the Nov 2015 IGCSE Examination

To prepare for the IGCSE Accounting paper, I would need 12 months to do so. The rates are RM800/term. A term consists of 3 months and would have 10 classes in each term.

There would be NO BOOKS NEEDED. I would provide all the notes. A charge of RM50 would be collected for my notes which are tailored specifically for success in the IGCSE Accounting examination. The collection would be done before the first class commencement and covers the entire tuition period of 12 months.

You can be rest assured that you would get your money’s worth. Should there be anything that you are unsure, feel free to contact me at 012-3479699 or email me at victor@igcseaccounting.com.
I would be glad to assist you. Thank you for your consideration of my services.

Website : http://igcseaccounting.wordpress.com/

Location : Selangor

Email to Victor Lee Victor Lee : 0123479699
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