Hydromate Water Timer

Hydromate Water Timer

Hydromate Water Timer

Hydromate Water Timer


HYDROMATE Automatic Watering Timer/Irrigation Timer

HYDROMATE Automatic Digital Outdoor Garden Watering Timer - Powered by Battery

Warranty: 1 Year Warranty on Controller; 2 years warranty on SPF1 pop up sprinkler

Product CertificationCE Certified, ISO9001

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HydromateIrrigation

Product Video Clip :www.automaticwateringsolutions.webs.com/productvideoclip.htm.

Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDp_spnRf7Gv6L0yM0bGroA

Why Choose HYDROMATE Watering Timer?
a. 1 Year Product Manufacturing Warranty (Instant 1 to 1 Exchange Coverage by Hydromate Automatic Watering Solutions.)
b. Designed for Malaysian weather. Complete Non-Transparent Cover (to block direct sunlight), suitable for Outdoor and Indoor use.
c. Blinking INDICATOR to remind you on low battery.
d. Proven work well with Malaysian Weather for at least 8 years.
e. Product Upgraded with new internal Filtration System avoiding valve malfunction if there is a debris in water source. This protects your device.

a. Garden watering made 100% labor-FREE. No more worry when you are away from home for few days up to months.
b. Excellent partnership with Misting System to make it automatically create mist effect water droplet at particular time, thus save water bill. Again, no need labor for operation. Fully automatic.
c. Agricultural use, plantation, chili farm, mushroom farm, bean sprout cultivation, critical fertigation system part

a. Fully Automatic and supporting 8 times watering capability.
b. Flexible in setting watering time based on your needs. It can be set daily, alternate day, 3 days once, particular day of the week or better still, everyday.
c. It is designed for Indoor or outdoor use. For outdoor use, it comes with NON TRANSPARENT screw cover.

Description of the Timer:
a. New Features:
i. Low battery Indicator
ii. Internal Filter (to block debris)
iii. Keypad Lock Function
iv. 5 Easy Steps Programming
b. TimerType: Digital
c. Protection:WaterProof Irrigation Controller
d. Waterproof: Yes
e. Suitable for Installation: Outdoor or Indoor
f. Watering Capability:
i. Daily Watering Program (8 times watering per day)
ii. Weekly Watering Program
iii. Alternate Day Watering Program
iv. Duration of watering is displayed on screen.

a. Water Tap Connection
b. Fully Digital LCD display
c. Easy to set Controls keys
d. Battery Compartment
e. Screw Cover (non transparent)

Technical Spec:
a. Water pressure: Support Up to 6 bar water pressure.

WEB: www.hydromateirrigation.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/hydromateirrigation
EMAIL: hydromateinfo@gmail.com
SMS/CALL: 0124312972
Contact: Automatic Watering Solutions (Mr.Chang)

1. Our Hydromate Automatic Watering Timer only requires 3 easy steps programming by setting "CURRENT TIME", "WATERING ON TIME" & "WATERING OFF TIME" (by default is watering every day), which contributed to high market adoption rate of our product. The Watering Timer is fully digital with big display of Current Time with sufficient frequency of watering times for our weather situation. Our Watering Timer comes with LED indicator and it blinks with AMBER LED whenever the battery is weak. This will notify the homeowner of the time to change the batteries. Normally, the cycle will be every 6-8 months if watering is turned on once a day. It is water resistant with full flexibility of setting the time of watering you need and minimum at 1 minute and maximum of the period you required.

Website : http://www.hydromateirrigation.com

Location : Selangor

Email to Mr.Chang Mr.Chang : 0124312972
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