gluta 20000mg rm20

gluta 20000mg rm20

gluta 20000mg rm20




Gluta Evolution White 20000mg with Coenzyme Q10 white power and white as possible within a week, whitening skin than any glutathione in the market.

New formula contains L-Glutathione concentration of 20000mg from Switzerland blend with the extract and pure vitamin of berry mixed fiber cold extracted process. It will not lose valuable vitamins and nutrients to the skin. It is enrich with Vitamin C that help brighten skin cell and against free radicals in the body that makes the skin dull and wrinkles.

See result within 1 week and excellent result after used continuously 3 bottles.

Trial 2000 person were volunteers:-

99% Skin more smooth after 1 week.

90% Skin silky smooth.

93% Restoration of pigmentation from sun and pollution as well.

85% Reduction freckles are satisfactory.

85% Reduction of wrinkles and tighten skin factory

(Supply continuously 3 Months for good effective whitening)

Each capsules contains:

❤ L-Glutathione : 20000mg.

❤ Vitamin C : 1000mg.

❤ Collagen : 550mg.

❤ Bioflavonoi : 510mg.

❤ Pine Bark Extract : 110mg.

❤ Grape Seed Extract : 110mg.

❤ Koji Berry : 510mg.

❤ Acerora Cherry : 110mg.

❤ Green Coffee Berry : 110mg.

❤ Berry Fruits Extract : 110mg.

❤ Coenzyme Q 10 : 100mg.

Directions to use:

Sebelum pengambilan produk ini disarankan lakukan detoks selama 3 - 5 hari supaya toksin di dalam badan dapat dikeluarkan dan proses keberkesanan produk GLUTA 20000GM lebih cepat berkesan.

* Makan 1 kapsul 30 minit sebelum sarapan pagi dan sebelum tidur

* Amalkan pengambilan 2 kali sehari

* Wanita mengandung, menyusukan bayi serta kanak-kanak di larang untuk mengambil kapsul ini SERTA orang yang sudah berumur juga tidak digalakkan ambil...

* Elakkan pengambilan makanan/minuman berkafien untuk kesan yg lebih cepat..sekiranya ingin mengambil juga makanan/minuman berkafien sila jarakkan dalam 2 jam selepas pengambilan GLUTA 20000GM.

kesan pemutihan gluta:

(harga jualan pasaran RM50-RM120 sebotol)

1 botol =30 kapsul

harga : RM20

berminat boleh pm saya 0174944797
atau lihat blog saya http;//

Website :

Location : Perlis

Email to cantikbeautyy cantikbeautyy : 0174944797
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