Garden Automatic Watering System

Garden Automatic Watering System

Garden Automatic Watering System

Garden Automatic Watering System

We help you to setup a system that will automatically water your plant and you surely like the idea of no need water the plants every day and even when you not at  home...

Automatic Garden Sprinkler Parts Supplier/Wholesaler/Distributor --_
We are Regional Distributor of Automatic Irrigation System Parts Supply. Ranging from big brand from US/Australia inclusive of HYDROMATE Automatic Watering System which is designed to be used and proven working well in Tropical Countries like Singapore, Vietnam, Philippines, Malaysia due to our different weather condition from US/Australia.

Automatic Garden Sprinkler System Professional Contractor (Electric Multi Zone solution or Battery Operated Modular System) --_
We have been involved in the installation of the Irrigation System, a knowledge and technology transfer from US/Australia since 6 years back. We have enabled many residential Automatic Watering System for happy customers and most importantly, our affordable cost solution, coupled with all proven working brands and professional parts, we are proud to say that we are the most reliable solution provider. We do installation for electric multi zone sprinkler system solution as well as Battery Operated Modular sprinkler system which ever more suitable for your garden application.

Warranty: 1 Year Warranty  on Controller; 2 years warranty  on SPF1 pop up sprinkler

Product Certification CE Certified, ISO9001


Product Video Clip : . 


We turn your daily manual watering burden into FULLY AUTOMATED system programmed solution. Now, HYDROMATE System runs the watering for you at the time you preferred. Watering can now be done without any constraint.

1. We offer widest range of products and be the distributor for local and oversea market.
2. No pump needed. Our solution works with government water supply. Ie SYABAS, PBA.
3. The system can water vertical and horizontal landscape
4. Water saving up to 40%.
5. System can automate the watering for all scenarios (planterboxes, potted plants, carpet grass, hanging orchid, Plants on wall and etc)
6. System runs at ZERO cost on labor. Now fully rely on the computer system to turn on and off the watering.
7. Ability to water your balcony plants even if you don’t have water source.

How To Reach Us?
Project Engagement/Sales Line: 0124312972 (Mr.Chang)

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Location : Selangor

Email to Mr.Chang Mr.Chang : 0124312972
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