Facial Skincare

Facial Skincare

Facial Skincare


Saffron Skincare has become an essential product for men & women. There are lots of fairness creams in the shop or malls, due to the reason that girls and ladies are always behind for beauty and fair and to get better complexion. Fair and smooth skin is always recommended on all kinds of skin. The below mentioned some of the top fairness cream will surely bring real complexion on your skin by removing dark spots and brighten our skin.

1 SET OF FACIAL SOAP, DAY CREAM & NIGHT CREAM.. Price from RM50 onwards..

For more info and pricing, please whatsapp to 0162513620..


Facial Soap
Saffron SkinCare fairness soap is controls the melanin production within the skin and increases your skin’s glow and fairness and reduce any existent dark spots.

• Skin-lightening and keeping it healthy, oil-free and dirt-free from a long time.
• Goodness of turmeric, saffron and honey to help improve your skin’s fairness.
• Bleaching action of lime and whitening effect of saffron to give you visibly fairer skin.
• Deeply cleanses and helps lighten your skin tone with its active skin lightening agents.
• This soap not only cleanses but gives back to your skin the much-needed moisture.

Facial Night Cream
Saffron Night Treatment Cream is a unique Ayurvedic anti-aging cream that restores youthful glow and texture to the skin by revitalizing cellular metabolisms and rekindling the life and energy latent with each skin cell. It is infused with the essential oils of Sandalwood and Saffron to purify, tone, and rejuvenate the skin from the inside out.

• Herbal extracts and oils that nourish and moisturize the skin.
• Eliminate degenerative agents like germs and free-radicals
• Rich with Vitamins like A and C
• Reduces the signs of aging like fine lines, wrinkles, and blemishes or discoloration.
• Reduce pimples, pigmentation & any existent dark spots
• Improve the tone and texture of your skin, leaving it looking and feeling younger.

Facial Day Cream
'Saffron Day Cream’ that is all you need to pamper your skin. Enriched with natural ingredients and the goodness of saffron, this mattifying day cream will make your skin fairer, softer and more radiant.

• Replenishes and rehydrates skin
• Unique zero oil formulation
• Visibly enhances complexion
• Keeps skin soft and supple
• Protects skin from sunburn, blemishes and pigmentation
• It protects, moisturize, nourish & stimulate skin cells
• Its natural SPF protects skin from harmful effects of sun, improves skin complexion.

1 SET OF FACIAL SOAP, DAY CREAM & NIGHT CREAM.. Price from RM50 onwards..

For more info and pricing, please whatsapp to 0162513620..


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