Elegant Abaya from Behrain wholesale

Elegant Abaya from Behrain wholesale

Gulf Islamic Store is the world’s first largest Islamic products online marketplace, where practically anyone can buy traditional & Islamic products and Islamic garments, in retail & wholesale prices. Gulf Islamic Store enters the world of fashion with a total new concept for those who value quality, expertise and latest traditional Arabian trends. Since our inception in 2003, GIS has enjoyed a phenomenal response from its worldwide customers attributed to its unique designs. Today, GIS fashion designs are labeled as "exclusive and wearable work of art"
Our aim is to provide modern and unique products based on Arab heritage and Islamic traditions of the Gulf area. Amongst our many high quality items, we offer high quality Abaya, Jilbabs, Kaftans, Hijabs, Khimars, Niqabs, Prayer Abayas, Men's Thobes, Girls Abaya, Saudi Dates, traditional jewelry, handicraft , traditional home décor, and renowned Arabian Fragrances (attar).

Website : www.gulfislamicstore.com

Location : Melaka

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