Bio Swiss Multi Cell Enhancer

Bio Swiss Multi Cell Enhancer

Bio Swiss Multi Cell Enhancer

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Indications and Treatments for Bio Swiss Multi Cell Enhancer :

* Whiten the tone of the skin.
* Enhance the elasticity of skin.
* Moisture and hydrate skin.
* Lighten pigmentation resulted from exposed sunlight.
* Eliminate fine lines and wrinkles.
* Suppresses the formation of acne/blemish/pimple.
* Minimizes facial pores and improves skin complexion.
* Prevent scurvy, a vitamin C-deficiency disease.
* Increases human´s immune system and promotes antihistamine properties.
* Boost immune system for all organs.
* Prevents the aging of the skin.
* Remove excess free radicals that will cause abnormal function of brain and organs.

Contains :
L-Glutathione 300mg
Vitamin C 1000mg
Clycine 20mg
Alpha Lipoic Acid 125mg
Methionine 300mg
L-Cysteine 2mg
Hyaluronic Acid 250mg

Packaging :
5ml x 5 ampoules and 5 vials

Application :
It is recommended that 1 injection every 3 days (Intravenous) for a period of 2 months. After which, if a patient wishes to embark on a maintenance program, 1 ampoule should be used every 14 days, depending on your personal requirement.

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Location : Kuala Lumpur

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