Beauty Injection ~ Whitening, Vitamin C Collagen, Placenta

Beauty Injection ~ Whitening, Vitamin C Collagen, Placenta

Beauty Injection ~ Whitening, Vitamin C Collagen, Placenta

Beauty Injection ~ Whitening, Vitamin C Collagen, Placenta

Please contact +60129944222 or visit our website at for details.

We specialize in distributing cosmetics and beauty injection products like :-

-Whitening Injection
-Placenta extract
-Live Cell Extract
-Anti Aging
-Vitamin C Collagen
-Fat melting

Please contact us on any interested product range on us, we will do the best to offer competitive pricing.

* Bayer Laroscorbine Vitamin C
* Cell Roma Lightening Vitamin C
* Mita-C Whitening Vitamin C
* Roche Laroscrobine Platinium Vitamin C Collagen
* New Upgraded Roche Laroscorbine Platinum
* Japan NC24 Vitamin C Collagen
* Japan NC24 Premium Vitamin C Collagen
* ProWhite EGF Collagen Extract
* Germany Schimtch Vitamin C + Kollagen
* Biocell Collagen Forte + Vitamin C
* Kuhra Vitae Hyal-C
* Kuhra Vitae Essentialle
* Bayer Tationil Glutathione 600mg
* Bayer Tationil Glutathione 900mg
* Biome G-Alpha Whitening Essential
* Teofarma Tationil Glutathione
* Aqua C Radiance - Skin Luminous Fairness
* Aqua Skin Whitening - Skin Whitening Specialist
* Aqua Skin EGF - Whitening & Firming
* ProWhite EGF Whitening
* Master Prowhite EGF Whitening
* Japan NC24 Pure Crystalize Skin Whitening
* NC24 Pure Crystalize Ultimate Whitening 15000mg
* Glutax 3G Whitening
* Glutax 5g Whitening
* Glutax 5gs Whitening
* Glutax Pro Q10 Platinum Whitening
* Kuhra Vitae Complette
* Kuhra Vitae Intensity
* Mixing White Energize
* Veniscy Skin Flawless 12000mg
* Vitacicol P-3000 Whitening
* Vitacicol P-9000 Whitening
* Ishiye Kojico Whitening Booster
* Biocell CRP Whitening
* Gerovital Anti Aging
* Norefal Total Cells RNA Placenta
* Melsmon Human Placenta
* Laennec Placenta
* Lucchini Placenta Platinum
* Lucchini Placenta
* Lucchini Sheep Placenta Extract
* Plagen Placenta
* Heel Placenta
* Biocell Human Placenta Extract
* Sentiencell Stem Cell Rejuvenation Therapy
* Bio Swiss Bio-Celergen Stem Cell
* Melsmon Stem Cell
* Aqua Cell Rejuvenate - Embryonic Stem Cell Extract
* CRP 1000 Stem Cell
* L-carnitine 1g Fat Burning
* L-Carnitine 2g Fat Burning
* Liponsaure Fat Melting
* Lefcar 5 Fat Burning

Thank You.

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Location : Kuala Lumpur

Email to Asian Beauty Zone Asian Beauty Zone : +60129944222
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