Avent VIA Milk & Baby Food Storage Set

Avent VIA Milk & Baby Food Storage Set

Avent VIA Milk & Baby Food Storage Set

Avent VIA Milk & Baby Food Storage Set


Avent VIA Milk & Baby Food Storage Set
Harga : RM77 + Kos Poslaju RM8 (SM) / RM12 (SS)

Whats included :
10 x VIA 180ml Pre Sterilised Cups
10 x VIA 240ml Pre Sterilised Cups
20 x VIA Lids
1 x Weaning Spoon
1 x Recipe Guide

SMS/PM/WHATSAPP : 016-6521445 (MAS)

Product Description :
Philips Avent Milk & Baby Food Storage Set : The convenient way to transport, store & feed the best nutrition to your baby. Philips Avent food storage cups are versatile, easy to use & designed to grow with your baby. The cups are ideal for storing food both at home & away.

Highlights :
1. Perfect for on the go.
2. Easy to organise.
3. Easy to label cups help you track dates & contents.
4. Ideal for storing baby food.
5. Sturdy, stackable & leak proof cup is easy to label for the fridge or freezer.
6. Use VIA Cups to store homemade meals, snacks & finger foods.
7. Includes handy recipe guide. Fits other Philips Avent products.
8. Store & feed with the same cup.
9. Warm feeds with Philips Avent iQ Bottle & Baby Food Warmer.

Features :
1. Leak proof.
2. Microwave safe.
3. Twist on lid for safe storage & transport.
4. Dishwasher safe.
5. Suitable for fridge freezer.
6. Sturdy, stackable cups with writable surface to help you track dates & content.
7. Includes a recipe booklet in cooperation with Judy More, who is a Dietician & Nutritionist specialising in childhood nutrition.

Website : http://www.cinderellacute-examo.blogspot.com

Location : Selangor

Email to Mas Ayu Mas Ayu : 0166521445
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