Alkaline Stick

Alkaline Stick

Alkaline Stick


1 BOX - 2 alkaline stick
Improve Water PH to Alkaline and Improve Energy

Convert All Drinking Water to Alkaline Water and Energy Water within Few Seconds.!!!

New generation of water producer that is well researched by Japan, Korea Republic and USA. It is known that good water criteria are at it pureness, alkaline, micro-cluster, with minerals and trace minerals, and equipped with the energy, the negative ion, anti-oxidation and etc.

Product Description:

The energy alkaline water stick compase of pure natural minerals that turns any water (RO or Distilled Water) into energize alkaline water that small in cluster, rich with active hydrogen, trace minerals and lots of negative ions. This help to product good water with minerals, stability and resolve pollution problem and become live water.

Charecteristics and Functions:

Pure natural minerals with non-chemical
Alkaline in nature : Help to balance our body to be weak alkaline (ph 7.45) by neutralizing our acidity of out bidy.
Active Hydrogen : Improve our immune system by removing excess reactive oxygen species (ie. the aging factor)
Trace Elements : Maintaining water structure of the body without loss nutrients.
Small molecules of water : Cell absorb easily to increase metalbolism.
Large amount of negative ions : Removals in excess of free radicals in order to make our cell live with vibbrant.

Location : Selangor

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