A4 colour inkjet Automobile Silver polyester (transparent)static

A4 colour inkjet Automobile Silver polyester (transparent)static

A4 colour inkjet Automobile Silver polyester (transparent)static


A4 colour inkjet Automobile Silver polyester (transparent) static ( non-glue ) pet film sticker.10 sheet/pack
( 2pcs/set, 5 pcs static pet film, 5 pcs Inkjet Sandy silver polyester sticker )
Selling at RM30.00

Create your own design and print on our Sandy silver polyester sticker, The color of sandy gold patterns is bright and shinning has strong saturation.
It features an opaque sandy silver background, essential for preventing the dark color of the substrate from showing through the semi-transparent sticker film and maximizing the color output
Pressed against the glass, you can see both sides pattern, without glue component, torn down without any residual seal.it can be repositioned anywhere that you want.
It can be attached to any smooth surface (such as glass, ceramic tile, automobile,
plastic products and so on.)
The wall is certainly won’t stick!
Many of the patterns can be freely combined into various beautiful scenes, show your personality!
Method of use: print on Sandy Silver polyester sticker then tear off ( transparent ) static film and paste on it afterward stick onto the object that you wanted.
Friendship remind: use a wet towel to wipe gently sticker negative, will stick more tight oh
Suitable for: ceramic tile, glass, plastics, furniture, automobile, motorcycle, notebook, glass etc.!

Weight 115g
Transparent color
High-definition gorgeous present
water proof
strong adhesive
use with all kinds of inkjet printer
Size: A4, A3 (other sizes available upon request)

Location : Pulau Pinang

Email to wanyang wanyang : 046577655
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